1 day course

E-Filing Training Package is suitable for beginners to nail extensions and will teach you all the skills to become a highly skilled Nail Technician offering Acrylic Nail services from tip and overlay extensions to beautiful sculpted acrylic nails. You will also learn the health and safely also the art of using an electric nail file (e-filing) to speed up your nail treatments. Suitable for complete beginners to acrylic and nail extensions in general, you will feel confident in working with all aspects of acrylic nails upon completion.

This exciting course will enable you to take nail enhancements to the next level! Also learn to competently use an electric filing system (e-file) on nail enhancements for maintenance, removing lifting, finish filing and reshaping of nail enhancements. Speed up your treatment process and eliminate the risk of repetitive strain from continuous manual filing of extensions which is a huge advantage for busy nail techs. A fantastic three in one training course, essential for any successful nail technician!E-Filing Course (1 day) covers.

Health, safety & hygiene

  • Consultation techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Preparation of e-file
  • Correct e-filing techniques to finish nails
  • Knowing your drill bits
  • Use of e-file for acrylic nails as part of maintenance
  • Re-fill and removal acrylic
  • Aftercare advice

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