Builder Gel in a Bottle

Builder Gel in a Bottle

Builder Gel in a Bottle
1 day

Our Builder Gel in a Bottle Nail Course will teach you the process to begin offering this in-demand treatment to your clients, 1 day course, being one of the most popular upcoming nail services currently requested in both salons and from nail technicians due to the no-odour system and long-lasting results. The advantage of gel in a bottle over traditional tub based gel products is the speed and ease at which they can be applied to give additional strength to natural nails. They are a soak-off product so much easier to remove than traditional buff off builder gel products. This course will take you through how to prepare natural nails, apply the gel in a bottle to overlay and strengthen natural nails, extending the nail with a nail form and aftercare advice, plus removal procedures.

This system is ideal for mobile nail technicians in particular; as it is a no odour, no mess, minimal filing system. A great system to learn as an add-on service for those already trained in Acrylic and/or traditional UV Gel or as a standalone service for those new to nail services to get you started quickly and easily with your treatments.

What this course covers

  • Health, safety & hygiene
  • Consultation techniques
  • Contraindications
  • Natural nail preparation
  • Overlay natural nails to strengthen nails
  • Extend nails using a nail form
  • Removal procedure
  • Aftercare advice

Starter Kits

We do not include any kits within our training courses, however we provide all products and tools required to complete the practical training on the day, at the training centre for you to use. We took this approach following student feedback so that students are not tied into specific kits or brands of products as part of their course fee, before they are trained and able to make an informed choice. Our training courses teach the generic treatment techniques and processes, they are not brand specific.

We recommend attending training where you will gain advice about different brands and suppliers to enable you to purchase products from your chosen supplier directly following your training. We do offer selected starter kits available to purchase through our website & supplied directly from the supplier to you by courier.

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